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Our mission and vision is to connect
people to God through love, faith, and

Living in today’s society can be challenging when it comes to walking out the Christian faith.  We believe that the church should be available to answer life’s tough questions in a way that is loving and welcoming.  Sound of Heaven is a Christian church centered around the three C’s. CELEBRATE. CONNECT. CONTRIBUTE.

Christianity is about allowing God access to all areas of your life. That includes the places that are tough to reveal. The person that is willing to “get real” with God and themselves will experience a renewed freedom and joy, in Christ.  We all have strengths and weaknesses, but God allows for the impossible to be possible.

At SOH, we celebrate God’s goodness. We cherish the personal victories he allows for all of us. It’s a place to connect with amazing people by creating positive friendships and collectively contributing to paying it forward, with love. We believe that when people understand God on a level that is more clear and simple, they can apply truths that result in life-changing transformation. We are a community of people committed to spreading the love of God throughout the world. Whether you are married, single, young or old, there is a place for you here at Sound of Heaven.
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A Warm Welcome

Checking out a new church can bring a lot of questions. What are the people like? What can I expect? What do they believe? We understand! At Sound of Heaven, we want you to know that you are welcome here. Choosing the right church is important. We know that when you visit us, you will feel the love of God and experience Jesus in a whole new and exciting way. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Great People

Sound of Heaven is made up of truly amazing people. One thing that you will notice right away is that we are quite a diverse group. Our members are made up of different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, professions, etc. We strive collectively to show the power of God through our love and unity, despite our differences. In fact, our varying experiences, traits, gifts, interests, and talents are a strength. They allow us to be more effective in reaching the members of our community.

Here, you won’t find a crowd of people that are carbon copies of one another. In fact, you’ll find individuality celebrated while we encourage each other to use our God-given gifts to accomplish something awesome, together.

There is a place for you here and we can’t wait for you to join us. Watch some of our member testimonies and be encouraged! What’s your story? We want to hear it!

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Powerful Worship

Worship is the heartbeat of Sound of Heaven. Our music ministry is filled with dedicated and talented individuals that are not here to perform, but to give their all to honor God. You can expect a heartfelt opening to our service where we celebrate God through song and instruments. It is an environment where you are welcome to express yourself and your love for God freely.

Worship is not just a segment of service, however. Every aspect of your life can be a form of worship to the Lord. When we give our all in expressing our love for God, we create a transformational atmosphere that changes everything.

Learn more about our Worship Services.

Bible Based

Do you know what is just as important as knowing what you believe? It is understanding why you believe it! We are a Bible believing church that teaches in a powerful and applicable way. Sound of Heaven is not a place that just preaches at you. We teach the Word from a historical, revelatory, and logical perspective. You can expect to study God’s Word and discover principals that are relevant to your daily life.

Whether you have studied the bible for years or are new to the foundations of Christian faith, this is an environment where you can grow and tough the questions are welcome! Most of our members agree that they have never understood the Bible as much as they do now! Check out some of our core beliefs.

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Cool Kids

Can we brag? SOH has the coolest kids on the block! The next generation is so important and we make them a major focus at Sound of Heaven. Biblical principals like loving God, loving one another, and loving one self are critical at any age, especially childhood! Our caring group of teachers and youth volunteers are committed to teaching them how to pray, worship, express themselves, and love like Jesus does in an environment designed to empower their young minds.

From making new friends, crafts and projects, learning songs, and a curriculum that is designed to be fun, don’t be surprised if your kids don’t want to go home.

We call our kid’s ministry the SOH Kingdom Kids.

Giving Hearts

A loving heart is a giving heart! Sound of Heaven is a giving church. We believe in giving our time, finances, resources, and knowledge to change the communities that we are in. God has given us a big vision here and by any means necessary, we are willing and able to spread the Good News. When a need arises in the community, we aim to pull together the resources to help make a positive impact, first here on Long Island and ultimately anywhere God allows us to do so.

If God has also given you a “giving heart”, you will have the opportunity at Sound of Heaven to contribute to a mission that is bigger than all of us. Whether you are here in New York or part of our digital church community across the world, you can get involved!

If God is leading you to participate in giving to this movement, you can do that HERE.

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A Family Atmosphere

The church in the bible was not just a building with services that people attended. The church was actually a community of people that gathered together often, celebrated God, and encouraged one another while they worked and lived together. In the New Testament book of Acts, we see this clearly displayed.

Sound of Heaven models itself in a similar way and besides, life is just better when doing it together. We celebrate and honor each other as God continues to do amazing things in the lives of the members of Sound of Heaven. As a community of people, SOH is open for all who wish to connect and develop a greater understanding and closer relationship to God.

Thinking of visiting? There is no RSVP necessary, but if you let us know, we’ll be looking out for you and ready with that warm welcome!

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