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Our vision and mission is to create environments for people to experience Jesus in a real and tangible way. We aim to positively influence communities and people with the power and love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Johnny and Rachel planted the Sound of Heaven church in June of 2011. Johnny, who was training Evangelism teams since 2005, and Rachel, who was being groomed for worship since she was 11, are a dynamic couple whose passion is to see people coming to the knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Speaking of dynamic, the team that has been put together at Sound of Heaven is as powerful as they come. SOH is on the cutting edge of advancing the Kingdom through the spreading of the Gospel. 

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Johnny & Rachel

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What is it Like at
Sound of Heaven?

Imagine this. You pull up to The Sound of Heaven Building and walk through the doors into the hallway. You get to the front door and you are greeted with a beautiful (or handsome ) smile and a warm hello. Everyone there is friendly as you are welcomed into a place of broken people, who love Jesus. You see people worshipping and praying. You see people laughing and smiling over a cup of coffee. You see people that had their lives completely transformed by the power of Jesus.

As you are ushered to your seat, you suddenly realize that something special is about to happen today. The worship starts and you become awestruck by the presence of God as He begins to release everything that has been held back from your life. The chains and struggles of your life begin to fall to the ground in the presence of God. The Word then gets released and taught as hope and joy fill your heart.

Yes, this is it and it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

The 12 Resolutions of Sound of Heaven

We had seen something similar written by another church and it just inspired us. Read through the 12 resolutions that reside at the core of everything we do!

We Act In Audacious Faith

In order to dominate a city with the Gospel of Jesus, we can’t think small. We will set impossible goals, take bold steps of faith and watch God move.

We Lead In The Way Of Generosity

Sound of Heaven and its members will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our city.

We Need Your Seat

We will not cater to personal preference in our mission to reach this city. We are more concerned with the people we are trying to reach rather than the people we are trying to keep. 

We Expect Great Things

We will continually increase our capacity by structuring for where we want to go, not where we are. We will remain on the edge by overreacting to harness strategic momentum. 

We Will Find Our Weaknesses and Make Them Strengths

Tracking metrics measures effectiveness. We unapologetically set goals and measure progress by them.

We Are Known For What We Are For

We will speak vision and life over our people. We will lift up the salvation of Jesus and the mission at hand rather than use our platform to condemn.

We Create a Culture of Honor

We freely give honor to those above us, besides us and under us because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of all of us.

We Are United Under One Vision

Sound of Heaven is built on the vision God gave Apostles Johnny & Rachel Ova. We will aggressively defend our unity and that vision that was given by God. 

We Spark Creativity & Innovation

We will embrace our limitations. They will inspire our greatest creativity and innovation.

We Are Filet Mignon, Not A Big Mac

Simplicity enables excellence. We place a disproportionate value on creating a worship experience that boldly celebrates the finished work of Jesus and attracts people that are far from God. 

We Are Teachable

We will always maintain a posture of learning. We seek to learn from everyone, rooting all in scripture. 

We Will Not Take This For Granted

What we are experiencing is not normal. This is the highest calling and we will remain grateful for God’s favor.

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Need Help?

If you’re still not sure what your next step is, let us help you.

Need Help?

If you’re still not sure what your next step is, let us help you.