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Church Services Long Island

Church Services Long Island

If you are interested in attending church services in Long Island, Sound of Heaven (SOH) welcomes you. Note, due to the COVID-19 outbreak; we might be moving our bible studies, ministries, and Sunday services online. We want to protect your spiritual and physical health. Remember, if you are looking for church service, you are the service! You will only get out of it what you put into it. Please, come with an open heart. We are non-judgmental and eager to meet you.

Who Has the Best Church Services in Long Island?

There are a lot of great churches in Long Island, but Sound of Heaven is all about spreading the good news of the Gospel. The way that we do this is through our many well-defined, well-planned ministries. Sunday worship is important, but Sunday service is just a start. It’s not the endgame. SOH always has plenty going on, with several ministries and plenty to do for the whole family. Consider our ministries for yourself:


SOH isn’t just a Sunday and Wednesday evening church. We are a forward-moving, weapon of the Lord, Jesus Christ, dedicated to using the Holy Spirit to lead new souls to Christ. Our evangelism ministry is one that we are most proud of, as SOH uses innovative ways to reach new people.


SOH offers a one on one discipleship program that lasts for 12 weeks. This program is for individuals who want to be baptized. We also want you to be baptized, but unlike some churches that hand out baptisms like water, we believe that baptism is the most important decision you will ever make. It is a decision that will change your life, but our 12-week program gets you ready.

Kid’s Ministry

Kingdom Kids Ministry is another one of many ministries. We love our kids as did Jesus. In fact, we give our kids the utmost priority because Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Our kids are our future, and we want to raise them in the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Community Outreach

Although Jesus is the rightful heir to the Kingdom of the Heavens, he came to serve, not to be served, setting a fine example for his disciples to follow. It’s excellent to worship on Sundays and talk about our Lord and Savior with our coworkers, but faith without works is dead, according to James 2: 14-26. Let us put our faith into action by serving those in need. You can see all of our ministries by going to the following link: https://soh.church/ministries/.  

Meet Our Family

We understand that finding a new church means finding a new family. Why not join us for worship or on a more informal basis during Wednesday bible study? This way, we can get to know you, and you can get to know us to determine if SOH is the right match for you. One thing is for sure; if you are looking for church services in Long Island, you will not be disappointed by choosing SOH.

Church Services Long Island

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