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Long Island Church

Long Island Church

The Sound of Heaven is a reputed Long Island Church that serves as a place of worship for a large community of compassionate, selfless, and caring individuals. We are happy to welcome new guests every Sunday.

What does the church say about bringing up a child?

Several scriptures talk about parenting such as Exodus, Hebrews, Colossians, Ephesians, Proverbs, etc. It helps parents of today take essential elements of parenting from biblical excerpts and apply those in their day-to-day life.

Christianity educates children to obey the commands of God and steers them to lead a life free from sins. Furthermore, the church instills in them the core values and beliefs of Christianity and educates them on how to live a good Christian life. At our Long Island Church, we conduct kid’s ministry where we engage our community children in bible lessons, games, singing, dancing, and other fun activities. 

Youth ministry in the church

Youth ministry focuses on teaching the teachings of God in young adults and teenagers to help them lead a safe, healthy, and fulfilling life in Christ. Youth ministry brings together youngsters in faith and encourages them to develop a stronger relationship with God. 

Indulging in worship, prayer, and reading the word of god can help young men and women stay away from the temptations and evils of the world. Furthermore, the values of Christianity can help them stay focused on education, landing a stable job, and building a healthy social circle. Being a part of a youth ministry can help youngsters make healthy personal, career, and life decisions. It is also a great place to meet new people with similar interests, values, and beliefs.

Church outreach programs

Church outreach programs focus on spreading the word of god or proclaiming the gospel to as many people as possible and win converts to Christianity. Church outreach programs are conducted by every church across the world to improve the quality of life in people who lead a life of pain, suffering, and evil desires. 

These programs unite people in the love of God and thereby focuses on reducing the amount of hatred, bloodshed, and war among men. The core values of Christianity (any denomination) focuses on service, compassion, peace, gratefulness, and charity. The church believes that the world would be a much safe, humane, and better place if every human being practiced these values. Churches conduct outreach programs from time to time to not only win more converts but also to promote and support other social causes.

Women’s Ministry

We are among the few churches in Long Island to conduct powerful women ministries that transform the lives of hundreds of women every day. We use scripture to educate and motivate women to outperform themselves each day. We also instill the drive in women to grow a closer relationship with God, so that they can stay away from evil ways of the world and lead a fulfilling life.

Visit The Sound of Heaven this Sunday, and experience our transformational worship. At our Long Island Church, our worship includes singing, dancing, and partaking in powerful sermons that help us grow closer to God. 

Long Island Church

Sound of Heaven

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