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Pentecostal Christian church long island

Pentecostal Christian church long island

Sound of Heaven is a Pentecostal Christian church in Long Island that provides a safe, friendly, and rejoicing environment for worship. We teach the Word of God from a factual, revelatory, and coherent viewpoint and, more importantly looking in the biblical book of Acts.

What is a Pentecostal Christian church?

A Pentecostal Christian church derives its name from Acts 2:1-4. This is during the Holy Spirit’s outpouring occurrence on the day of Pentecost. The primary perception of a Pentecostal church is the confidence that Christians can receive the same Holy Spirit filling and speak in other tongues. The Pentecostal Christian churches believe in the present-day performance of Holy Spirit gifts such as:

  • Prophesying
  • Healing
  • Miracles
  • And more spiritual manifestations as in the book of 1 Corinthians 12

The Pentecostal churches generally have a similar form of service to that in most evangelical churches. The congregation place praise and worship on the highest level during the church services. With this, Pentecostal churches draw excellent reputation and respect in their great emphasis on evangelism and global gospel missions. Additionally, most of the Pentecostal churches have some common beliefs, which include:

  • Salvation
  • Baptism through the Holy Spirit
  • Water baptism
  • Believe in the return of Jesus Christ

What to look for when seeking the right Pentecostal church

People say there’s no perfect church because there’s no excellent church member. But the truth is that God wants us to need each other and never give up in meeting together. This means you’ve got to put effort into finding the right church where you feel safe, happy, and growing when you comply with the congregation. Unfortunately, finding the perfect Pentecostal Christian church in Long Island can be overwhelming. This is because there’s a lot of them and they’ve got a similar form of liturgy.

However, there’re several qualities you can look for when selecting the best fit Pentecostal church for you and your family. These qualities include:

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Literal Bible teachings
  • Wonderful praise and worship
  • Believe in Jesus Christ
  • Culture of love, grace, and peace

The right Pentecost Christian church near you

We’re a magnificent and a pool of blessings Pentecostal church within the Long Island community. We know that Jesus Christ is alive, and He’s coming soon to pick His flock. So we welcome everyone in our church regardless of age, gender, background, or looks.

When you visit us, you’ll experience the Divine touch of Jesus Christ and feel the love of God in a whole new and lively way. Whether it’s your first or thousandth time to attend a church service, our doors are always open.

Welcome to our powerful church service

Are you looking for a peaceful, loving, and gracious Pentecostal Christian church in Long Island? We’re the Lord’s dwelling place you’re looking for. We’d love to see you, your family and friends in our Sunday service.

Don’t go any further, looking for the right worship place. Visit Sound of Heaven Church and become one of our family. Feel free to reach us today, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Pentecostal Christian church long island

Sound of Heaven

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