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Upcoming Schedule

Friday 4/3/2020 10 PM (EDT)

More Than We Have

Jason D’Ambrosio

Jesus was the master of multiplication. When things seem like they are little, that means God is about to multiply what is in your life.

Saturday 4/4/2020 9 AM (EDT)

Going Through

Jason D’Ambrosio

Going through something? We have all been there. The most important thing to do when going through is changing your perspective on why you are going through. You will be victorious.

Sunday 4/5/2020 10:30 AM (EDT)

It’s Time

Johnny Ova

A special Palm Sunday Service

Sunday 4/5/2020 6 PM (EDT)

Time To Cast

Johnny Ova

Just like a fisherman, you take the bait hook it up and cast it out into the sea. Johnny teaches a powerful Word on how to tie your problems to the pole and cast them far from you!

Monday 4/6/2020 8 PM (EDT)

Take It To The Cross

Rachel Conliffe

Jesus was crucified to give you life and life abundantly. Whatever your struggle is, crucify it with Jesus and live in victory.

Tuesday 4/7/2020 8 PM (EDT)

It’s Time

Johnny Ova

There are many times where our responses need to differ. Sometimes we have to lay low and other times we have to be on the front line. In this season, it’s time to show up!

Wednesday 4/8/2020 10 AM (EDT)

Famous Amos

Johnny Ova

The Prophet Amos was a remarkable prophet during a pivotal time. How can we relate? What can we learn? Time to make Amos…FAMOUS!

Thursday 4/9/2020 8 PM (EDT)

Your Reward

Rachel Conliffe

God is a loving Father who rewards His children. Your trials are not in vain, there is a purpose!

Good Friday 4/10/2020 10 PM (EDT)

Where will you sit?

Johnny Ova

Good Friday, the infamous Last Supper! Join Apostles Johnny, Rachel with the SOH team (Jason, Rachel C, and Annette) as they take you through the Last Supper.

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