John was a struggling teen. Just your normal kid with a rough upbringing. His parents had gotten a divorce and dealt with a lot of anger and unforgiveness. He was on medication and was seeing a therapist every single week. His mother had one day decided to bring him to church and John went…kicking and screaming! Then all of sudden, he had an experience with God. During the service God had touched his heart but even more important, he started to build father-like relationships with the leaders of the church. This was VITAL. Today, John is medication free, no longer sees a therapist and is thriving as one of the teachers in our Kingdom Kids ministry. Check out his powerful story.


Are you one that struggles with alcoholism? What about depression, insomnia, panic & anxiety, or even ADHD? Sometimes when you are going through these things everything seems hopeless. This WAS Melissa’s story until she had an experience with Jesus. Melissa is now a successful teacher who is happily married (yeaaa Kenny) and they will be having their first child, a beautiful daughter in April 2019. Even though that was her story, watch how Jesus set her free, and how He can set you free too. Basically, I am encouraging you to take 8 minutes of your life to watch this video, it will change your life!

Rachel- Overcoming a miscarriage

Dealing with a miscarriage is perhaps one of the most difficult times anyone can experience. Emotional recovery can take a considerable amount of time beyond your body getting back to normal. In December of 2018, our own Senior Leaders apostles John and Rachel experienced the loss of a baby in the womb.


Grace was referred to Sound of Heaven from a friend that follows our ministry online. She quickly became part of the SOH family and started our discipleship program. That’s where Grace discovered a new found love for scripture and started an amazing journey of transformation.


Russ has been a minister, an editor, and an accomplished sculptor. He is also a great family man. After losing his wife Rose, Russ was looking for a church that he could call home and place where he could be rejuvenated in this new season of life. Russ currently oversees the Sound of Heaven Bereavement ministry.

Ken Maxwell

Ken has such an incredible story. Growing up in Wyandanch, NY, he was known for what he did on the streets. Drugs, gangs, you name it, ken has done it. After Jesus transformed his life, Ken goes right back to the place where he was “working for the devil” and begins to Evangelize and minister the Gospel of Jesus. Check it out!


Dorothy followed SOH via Social Media for a time before visiting. When we walked the cross across Long Island, she was inspired to connect with Sound of Heaven. She has had the lives of both of her children changed through discipleship and her daughter actively works with the SOH Kingdom Kids.


Kevin visited SOH on Easter 2017. Sound of Heaven wasn’t exactly what he expected and that was a good thing! Today he enjoys a better relationship with God than ever before and he is just getting started.


Willie had gone from church to church with his family but never found a place where he felt like he could get ahead. That changed at Sound of Heaven after starting the discipleship program. It was in one of the weekly meetings where a conversation about Willie’s future took place. Willie was inspired to embark on a career in the military and now on fire with his faith, will no doubt make an amazing impact.

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